Provident Fund Status and Balance

Our Provident Fund Balance is managed by Central Government Company called the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) under the Employees' Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act (EPF and MP Act), 1952.

We have already covered various services of EPFO in this site like how to withdraw or transfer your PF Funds. In this post we are going to cover how to check your Provident Fund Status. However the official website does not have such facility but some EPF offices has this facility on their website. You have to provide your establishment code and your PF account number and the information gets displayed to you. You will have to visit the regional website through and check whether your area office provides such a value added service to you.

Here is step by step video for Provident Fund Status query and knowing details are the easiest options today.

This facility is meant for EPF Members/subscribers/pensioners who have submitted a claim in any of the EPFO offices across India. Using this facility one can track the status of a claim so submitted. The only prerequisite is you must know your PF Account Number.
1.      If you know the EPF Office from where your claim has to be settled, select the same from the office drop down list.
2.      On selection of office, the mandatory Region Code and Office Code will get populated automatically in the respective boxes.
3.      Enter the Establishment Code in the third box – which can be of maximum 7 digits.
4.      In case the Establishment Code has an extension / subcode, enter the same here. It can be a digit or letter as the case may be and can be of maximum 3 characters in size. Leave this field blank, if there is no extension /subcode to the Establishment Code.
5.      Enter your account number which can be of maximum 7 digits.
6.      Click on submit to get the status.

Example: Case – I – PF Account Number without an extension/subcode to Establishment Code:
Suppose your PF Account Number is MH/35634/523 and the office is Bandra, Select Bandra from the list as under:

Note that MH and BAN has been populated already in the first two fields.
Now enter the Establishment Number:

Leave the next field – Extension – blank and enter your account number in the last field:

Now click on “Submit” to get the status.

As this is a nonexisting number, we get a “No Record Found” message. In legitimate cases, appropriate messages will be displayed.

Example:Case – II – PF Account Number without an extension/subcode to Establishment Code:
In case there is an Extension/SubCode to the Establishment Code, say, “A”, then enter the same as under before entering the account number:

Then enter the Account Number:

Now click on “Submit” to get the status:

Again, as this is a nonexisting number, we get a “No Record Found” message. In legitimate cases, appropriate messages will be displayed.
Note: Please note that in case the claim is not entered in the system/software for some reason or it is outside the dates as mentioned in the footer of the screen above, such a record will NOT appear in this facility. In other words, ideally, a claim should have been submitted and a system generated claim ID should have been obtained for using this facility.

Hope this guide would help you all. Your comments and queries are much awaited!


Anonymous said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

i want to know my provident fund....

Anonymous said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

This is great work. Knowing your provident fund made easier. Well done

Nitin Kaushal said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

Please clarify when should one withdraw his provident fund (PF) if one leaves the company? When is the ideal time to withdraw the PF if the said PF a/c is no more in use? In case of withdrawal, is the money taxable?

Provident Fund Status said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

Under the Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952:

Payment of accumulated balance in RPF is taxable under Rule 9(1) of Schedule-IV(A) to the Income Tax Act, unless the employee renders continuous service with his employer for 5 years or the discontinuance is due to causes beyond the control of the employee.

This balance is also exempt if it is transferred to the employee’s account in any RPF maintained by his new employer or by the PF commissioner. Service under his former employer or employers shall be included in computing the total period of continuous service.

Though there is an opportunity to withdraw the entire balance corpus after serving an employer for 5 years, it is better to transfer the funds to your next employer since the interest is tax-free and hovers around 9%.

However, upon retirement or when one leaves the company and does not wish to transfer the PF, it has to be withdrawn. Maintaining the provident fund balance when one is no longer an employee of the company is not regular and will lead to incidence of tax upon withdrawal from the time one has not been on the rolls of the company.

InsureInvest said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

An alternative url to the one you have mentioned is this one :

Jobs on a Cruise Ship said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

@InsureInvest Charging the State government with using pension funds for its transport undertakings, a labour front has moved the Madras High Court to direct the government to immediately remit contribution of state transport corporations workers to Employees Provident Fund, alongwith the contribution of employers, to the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Employees Pension Trust with interest. When the petition came up for hearing before Justice K Suguna, the government pleader took notice on behalf of the authorities concerned and the Judge posted the matter for hearing after 10 days. In the petition, general secretary of the Labour Progressive Federation M Shanmugam said that the petition was being filed to protect the interest of the workers, in respect of the pension payable to them and also the provident fund dues of the workers recruited after April 1, 2003. The federation alleged that the contributions of workers to the pension fund was being used for functioning of transport undertakings. This was an offence, the petitioner claimed.

Revision of Pension under PF Scheme said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

@Jobs on a Cruise Ship

The pension on fixed rates is provided to the employees retiring under the Provident Fund (PF) scheme.

The Central Government had constituted an Expert Committee for reviewing the Employees Pension Scheme, 1995 entirely including revision of Pension. The Expert Committee submitted its report to the Central Government on 5th August, 2010 and the recommendations of the Committee were placed before the Central Board of Trustees, Employees’ Provident Fund [CBT (EPF)] for consideration on 15th September, 2010. The CBT (EPF) directed that the report be first considered by the Pension Implementation Committee (PIC). The PIC has since finalized its report and sent it to Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation for placing it before the CBT (EPF) for taking a final decision in the matter.

This information was given by the Minister of Labour and Employment Shri Mallikarjun Kharge in reply in reply to a written question in the Lok Sabha today.

Anonymous said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

Chairman U K Sinha called for a need to introspect and develop business plans that help larger participation saying: India definitely has an opportunity to figure as a favoured financial destination given we introspect and improvise.

Addressing the 3rd Capital Market Summit, organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), here, he exhorted market players to innovate products with a social purpose taking into account customer needs.

Sebi has enhanced its surveillance capability and also introduced mechanism to examine its organizational structure to strengthen investor trust, he said. He observed that certain risky products introduced in the markets across the globe and they failed between regulators.

Hence, a clear regulatory mechanisms need to be devised, said he adding that communication between customer and intermediaries needs to be clear and there is a need to adopt “compliance culture” to enhance the trust.

He said the products introduced should serve social purposes and needs of the country rather that just being innovative so that retail participation is facilitated. Sebi will further strengthen the system and improve compliance.

He assured that Sebi would definitely protect investor interests and strive to develop and regulate the markets. Underlining the importance of KYC as a crucial national and international requirement, he informed that Sebi regulations in this regard are drafted.

The Sebi is also going for a complete overhaul of the primary market norms and review the entire IPO process for which it has set up a group. The idea is to make fund raising by corporate India more efficient both by way of time and by way of costs. At the same time, let me also alert you that in the process there will be some additional obligations on the intermediaries, he said.

Provident Fund Status said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

@Jobs on a Cruise ShipThe Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has found it has 48.5 million subscribers whose accounts do not square up. The numbers are more than the total number of subscribers — 47.2 million, according to its last annual account — to India’s largest government-funded pension company.

Despite this accounting scandal, the EPFO board is slated to meet on December 23 to finalise its accounts and firm up an interest rate on its deposits for this fiscal year. They will not wait for the reconciliation, which could take till the end of this year.

Workers in all private sector companies that employ more than 20 people have to compulsorily put away 12% of their monthly salary as contribution to the EPFO-run provident fund. The employers make a matching contribution and the entire sum is parked in central and state government securities by the organisation every year.

The cross-check was done by the Finance and Investment Committee of the EPFO, which reports to the Central Board of Trustees of the organisation, in a background paper.

The check was at the prompting of the finance ministry. The ministry had noticed that accounts of the contributors to the EPFO have not been reconciled for quite a few years. As a result, it was discovered that the total number of accounts in the organisation made up of private sector employees’ contribution had risen to 158.3 million as on April 1, including dormant accounts. Of these, the EPFO has been able to clear only 109.7 million accounts till November 22, leaving a backlog of 48.5 million accounts.

Basically, the organisation does not know how much each of these subscribers have paid into their accounts over the years. ...

Delhi to Shimla said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

Australian government may allow Indian steel and mining companies to borrow from its superannuation fund for their coking coal import and asset acquisition in Australia.
Bill Shorten, minister for employment, workplace relations and financial services and superannuation in Australia in a meeting with steel minister Beni Prasad Verma, said the two governments can work out a mechanism to allow Indian companies to borrow from superannuation fund.

“The superannuation fund in Australia is large and mechanisms can be worked out to give loans from this. However, for any such arrangement to work out, a thorough dialogue between the two governments is necessary,” he said.

The superannuation fund in Australia is a retirement programme that includes pension as well.

It is similar to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) in India. Under this programme, the employers in Australia are required to pay 9% of the employees’ salaries to the fund.

vineet said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

hi to all of you

sarthak said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

Hllo sir plz my pf status

Anonymous said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

My Name is B.R.Adisesha. My EPF is over due. How do i register for details. I am working in Power Grid, 29 Race Cource Cross Road Bangalore.
My Emp No 35025. Kindly Help me.
B.R.Adisesha my E mail is

parameswaraswamym said... Provident Fund Status[Reply to comment]Provident Fund Status

kindly show the balance of my PF account
my number is GB BLR 28143/11 PARAMESWARA SWAMY.M
working in R. Praveen Chandra of John Mines,
to my mail:

with regards

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